How to Choose the Right Paver Colour For Your Outdoors

Working with pavers for any outdoor projects leads to plenty of options for both styles and materials. As many as there is to choose from on how to have your pavers designed, there is one other range of choices that can affect the overall design plan for your pavers. That factor would be paver colours. […]

5 Debunked Paver Myths to Know

If you are looking to add materials to further enhance your outdoor space’s visual appeal, you will want to consider pavers. There can be a lot done with pavers, whether it be having it overlay your concrete or having it as your pathway. With a range of designs and materials, pavers can be a versatile […]

Can You Install Pavers Over Concrete?

The short answer to the question would be yes, pavers can indeed be installed over concrete. Pavers are a convenient material to have as they offer a large range of colours, styles, textures and patterns. When applied over concrete, there are two ways that it can be done. They are called regular paver installs and […]

Paving Materials for Your Driveway: Which is the Best Choice?

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When it comes to paving your driveway, there are a variety of products to choose from. The driveway is an often-overlooked feature of a home, but it is often the first thing visitors see. When the house’s style and the surrounding scenery are in harmony, the driveway looks its best. So, whether you opt for […]

Pavers vs. Concrete: What’s Best?

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Are you thinking of adding paving stones or a concrete deck to your outdoor living space? Spending time outside, living in comfort, and welcoming visitors on your deck or patio are only a couple of the lovely events that we all enjoy at home. You’ll appreciate understanding the difference between pavers and concrete whether you’re […]

Painting Your Brick Pavers

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Over time, especially when exposed to extreme conditions, your brick pavers will have scratches, stains and will start to fade. With layers of paving paint, your brick pavers may be restructured. Adding layers of paint on your brick pavers not only gives them a fresh appearance but also protects them, making them easy to clean. […]