How to Choose the Right Paver Colour For Your Outdoors

Working with pavers for any outdoor projects leads to plenty of options for both styles and materials. As many as there is to choose from on how to have your pavers designed, there is one other range of choices that can affect the overall design plan for your pavers. That factor would be paver colours. Choosing the colour of your pavers may not seem much given how many options there are. However, when choosing the right colour for your paver design, there are different ways it can enhance the paver design.

What to Consider When Selecting Paver Colours

Choosing the right paver colours for your paving project can bring different benefits including brightening a space to tying a landscape together. While there are different paver materials and shapes that can also help with this, paver colours also provide their own appeal. Some of the best ways to select among the wide range of options are to consider the following:

Remember the Basic Rule of Thumb

A basic rule of thumb when it comes to selecting the colour of pavers for your project is to select hues that can harmonize with your home. An example of this would be to choose pavers with a lighter hue than your home to create an appealing contrast that keeps your home as a focal point. One of the more popular choices of pavers colours are natural tones but depending on the other elements and considerations for pavers, a natural tone may fall as an alternative choice.

What Effect Are You Trying to Achieve

There are different ways you can apply pavers, from pool decks to patios and different styles that could be applied to either space. When choosing a colour for your pavers, you will want to ask what kind of look or effect you are aiming for and for what kind of paving project to slim down your choices.

If you want to make an area feel larger, choosing light-coloured pavers to reflect light will do the trick. Planning to make a space look and feel smaller? Then you will want dark-coloured pavers because they tend to absorb light. Whatever effect you are looking for, there is a set of colour tones and hues to help match it.

How Much Sunlight Will There Be

A considerable disadvantage of paver colours is that with a certain amount of sunlight, it can end up fading. Knowing how much sunlight will generally be directed to your paving project can help determine what type of tones and hues would work best. Should you decide to have your paving project in a shaded area, you may want to opt for light-coloured pavers which will lighten the area.

Weigh Monotone VS Multi-Coloured And Textures

The types of colour mixtures you are looking for in your paving project are also another factor in selecting the right fit. A monotone paver layout gives you a modern, sleek look but makes stains noticeable. Multi-coloured paver designs on the other hand, while few in variation, are better in covering stains. Aside from this, there is also the matter of textures for consideration as well. While textures offer more colour variation, they also create a shadowing effect that causes pavers to appear lighter or darker in natural light.

Match the Roof

A recommended option when it comes to choosing colours for your pavers is to match them with your roof. This is because it is believed to help tie the overall outdoor aesthetics together. While it doesn’t have to match exactly, having matching hues or a complementary colour can work just as well. In addition to this, fully matching with the roof material is a dependable type of cause as certain types may end up being overwhelming when matched. An example of this would be having red pavers to match a brick roof.

How Joondalup Pavers Can Provide for You

Given the different considerations that come with picking a colour for your pavers, ensuring quality materials can also help. By having Joondalup Pavers as your choice of professional service for consultation and installation, you can be assured of reliable professionals that can provide the most fitting options for any paving project. Whatever you may be looking to have done with your pavers, Joondalup Pavers can provide full customer satisfaction.


Pavers are a versatile material for your outdoor space with different options in terms of design. Among the different options that make up a pavers design, colour is something that holds its own number of considerations. Picking a colour for your pavers involves more than what compliments your landscape. Considerations like how much sunlight it will end up getting or what effect goal is there can help determine the most fitting colour for your pavers without creating a compromise to the overall design.

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