5 Debunked Paver Myths to Know

If you are looking to add materials to further enhance your outdoor space’s visual appeal, you will want to consider pavers. There can be a lot done with pavers, whether it be having it overlay your concrete or having it as your pathway. With a range of designs and materials, pavers can be a versatile material for your outdoor space.

Given its different features and how it compares to other materials though, there can be different ideas when it comes to pavers. Certain pros and cons come with pavers like any other materials but there are also some myths about pavers that you’ll want to know about.

Paver Misconceptions

A paver can be used in different ways and with different materials. However, if you are not completely familiar with this material, there is a chance of misinformation and this includes the following:

Pavers Don’t Last Long

One of the more popular myths that you’ll find about pavers is that they don’t last very long. As a material that can be made from various materials like natural stone, concrete or brick, pavers are more durable than you would think. They can last as long as 30 to 40 years or longer with the right maintenance. However, it may also depend on where you decide to get your pavers from.

Pavers Get a Lot of Weeds

Pavers like any other hardscape structures, have joints in them and has the potential of weeds growing in them. However, unlike other materials/structures, paver actually has a less likeliness to have weeds grown between them due to the installation of a weed barrier and the joint sand. If you are still concerned with weed growth, you can also have your pavers sealed to help with this.

Pavers are Expensive

Given the different options that pavers can offer and the durability it provides for your outdoor space, it is understandable to believe that this material is less than budget-friendly. Especially since the installation shows as more costly in comparison to either concrete or asphalt. When it comes to repairs, however, pavers can save on your budget given how much easier they are.

Pavers Aren’t Good For Pool Decking

One of the main reasons behind this myth is due to all the pipes and so on that lie underneath the surface of the pool deck. Unlike with concrete where you will need to have it re-poured should there be any issues with the pipe, the process of having pavers replaced while any damage is dealt with is less labour-intensive and more cost-effective materials-wise.

Pavers have Limited Colour Choices

If you are not completely familiar with pavers may end up with the initial concept that pavers don’t offer much in terms of colour options. The truth is that there is more than enough paver options to choose from with some of the more popular options being earth tones like sandstone, cream/brown, tan/buff/brown, grey/charcoal, limestone, cream/brown, and grey/moss/charcoal. Should you be looking for something different, pavers also come in a variety of styles which include brick, tile, antique cobble, weathered stone, and flagstone.

Why Have Joondalup Pavers Help You

There are a lot of different features that pavers can offer along with different pros and cons. Should you be interested in the material but are unsure whether it is for you, having a professional service group to consult can help. One such service you can consult is Joondalup Pavers. By choosing to work with Joondalup Pavers, you can be assured of quality options and a hassle-free process. Whatever inquiries you may have about pavers, you can be sure that Joondalup Pavers will help with them.


Pavers can be a versatile material that you can choose for your outdoor space but if you are not familiar with it, there is a chance that you may end up with some misconceptions. These include pavers being expensive and limited in colour when it is the contrary. The best way to avoid falling into any myths with pavers is to find a reliable professional service to consult. Otherwise, it’s always good to note what to avoid.

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